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Jenna K. White

While earning her Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri, Jenna White studied on the Spanish coast, worked for local publications and began experimenting in the kitchen. Following a brief return to Dallas, the first-generation Texan moved to New York City and leveraged her editorial background to help inspiring youth tell their personal narratives to unlock learning and career opportunities. Meanwhile, NYC’s renowned dining scene and farmers markets fueled a growing preoccupation with food.

Upon relocating to Houston in 2012, White stepped in to lead communication efforts for a local nonprofit that teaches children how to grow and cook fresh foods. In this role, she raised awareness and support of its programming while managing the foundation’s online presence, coordinating outreach campaigns and building relationships with media, chefs and community partners. 2014 was a big year: Led by a desire to dive deeper into Houston’s thriving food community, White pursued a culinary arts program, trained as a cook in one of Houston’s leading farm-to-table restaurants and began writing for two local magazines. That same year, she joined the KPC team. Her versatile role with KPC allows White to combine her expertise in storytelling and connecting people and ideas while working alongside talented, passionate individuals. 

In 2016, White, her husband and their two cats set off on a new adventure in the Netherlands. Still an integral member of the team, she now ensures KPC can provide around-the-clock support to clients, media and partners. White loves the Dutch affinity for bikes, cheese and gin and tonics—plus her proximity to charming travel destinations (about which she sometimes writes)—but she’ll always reserve a special place in her heart for Houston’s tacos, barbecue joints and craft cocktails.

What Ignites Me      

kitchen projects // cozy sweaters // quick wit // groovy tunes // farmers market mornings // sweaty vinyasa flow // fresh bread // naps // food history // sour beer + wild wine // passion for one’s craft // wooded landscapes // vegetable gardens // kindness // nighttime strolls // captivating narrative // dinner parties // weeknights at the cinema // immersive travel // lemony things